NanoFlash CF card Speed test

Compact Flash (CF) card speed test on NanoFlash

  • This is a quick and worthy test to do with your Nano CF cards.
  • We use and recommend using cards much faster than your requirements.It’s always worthwhile having some juice left in the tank.
  • Instruction PDF attached. CF Card speed test-NanoFlash

We have a CompactFlash Card Speed Test built into the nanoFlash.
This is in version 1.6.248, and every version since 1.6.226.
This is very easy to use:
1. Set up System|Trigger to “Record Button”
2. Set up Video|Bit Rate and Codec to the speed and codec you wish to use for the test.
3. Insert the card, then format it in the nanoFlash.
4. Supply a video signal to the nanoFlash, HD-SDI or HDMI.
5. To start the test:
a. Press and Hold the Left Arrow Button.
b. Press the Record Button.
c. Release both buttons.
The nanoFlash will start to record, and it will display a new line of info near the top of the
On the left will be 0%, on the right will be 100%
There will be, starting out, a very thin sliver, near the 0%.
As recording progresses, this sliver will get wider at times, turning into a bar like a
progress bar.
With a card that is fast enough, the wider bar will go back to the sliver (it will get very thin
If a card that is marginal, the bar may get quite wide, but not reach the 100% level before
the card is full.
If the card is too slow, the bar will go all of the way to 100% before the card is full.
This feature allows one to see, the relative amount of data that we have in our First-In,
First-Out Buffer.
If this buffer does not get to 100%, before the card is full, then the card is usable at that
Ideally, the card should be even faster, so that the First-In, First Out Buffer is almost
empty most of the time. This indicates that the card is fast enough, and has an extra margin
of speed.
Regretfully, there are a lot of counterfeit cards, especially SanDisk cards and a few other
brands have been counterfeited, but this is very rare.
We always recommend purchasing your CompactFlash cards from reputable
This test will allow you to test if your cards are up to speed or not, for any given bit-rate.
In general, we do recommend that you stay within the guidelines that we have established
for various cards that we have qualified. Here is a link to our Media page:
Media for nanoFlash | Convergent Design