Sony PMW-EX3 HD now only $295!

Sony PMW-EX3  EX-XDcam HD camera

$295  – including optional shoulder mount with v-lock power AND insurance!

1920×1080 Full Rastor HD , 3 x 1/2″ Exmor cmos sensors , 1-60fps

1080/25p , 50i , 24p , 30p , 60i  -   720/25p , 50p , 30p , 60p.

  • Fujinon 14x zoom lens
  • Sachlter video18p carbon fibre tripod.(quick release 3 stage,off ground spreader)
  • 48g SxS cards (3 hours recording at 1080/50i)
  • 2 x bpu-60 , 1 x bpu-30 batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Remote control, usb cable, component video cable,AV cable
  • Our Camera is fitted with a DA strong plate for better tripod mounting options and stability.
  • Optional Extra: Sony .7x Wide Angle convertor

These are stunning cameras for their performance.They have become the workhorse camera for so many television productions.  The 1-60 frames per second feature ((720/25p mode) is used so often, adding that extra bit of production value to certain shots and all achieved by pressing a button.

Add on our nanoFlash HD recorder and you are able to shoot for Broadcast HD delivery (50mbps) up to 280mbps for incredable detail. We have used the Ex3/Nano combo to shoot green screen presenter that had 35mm film shot plates. The key was seamless and on air you have no idea the images are from an EX3 keyed onto 35mm film. Shoot green screen at 100mbps  long gop or from 180mbps i-frame for stunning clean keys.

The Ex3 sits perfectly on our Glidecam Smooth Shooter or X-10 for great steadycamera shots taking your production values up a couple of notches for so little.

Also included (please request when booking) is our custom made shoulder mount with v-lock powering! This is such a well balanced camera with the v-lock batteries on the back. Comfortable and  lightweight so you can shoot all day on the shoulder. The v-lock 95wh batteries run this camera for hours and also supply accessory power D-Tap outputs to power your onboard accessories. You get the superb EX3 camera as a shoulder mounted camcorder.

Add on our nanoFlash HD recorder ( slots nicely on the rear plate) and you have  HD broadcast deliverable images with pictures that will astound you.