Glidecam X-22

Glidecam X-22 Camera Stabilisation System

Easily handles: Red Epic, Sony F3 , Sony F5/55 , XDcamHD 700/800 etc

Kit Includes:

  • Glidecam X-22 vest/harness
  • X-22 Spring Arm system
  • X-22 Sled
  • Hd-docking bracket
  • 7″ SD LCD monitor
  • 2 x 95wh V-lock battery power
  • 1 x Light Stand for docking Sled with Sand Bag

Optional Extras:

  • Dp-6 HD Monitor Kit $60.00 ( with X-22 Hire)
  • Additional V-lock Batteries $15 ea

The X-22 is a truly professional camera stabilisation system for stunning results in camera movement/stability. Suited to cameras up to 13kg such as Sony/Panasonic camcorders ( pdw-700/800, Varicam, Sony F3 in full prod mode, Sony ex1/3 with Letus etc). We can supply you a list of local operators trained on the X-22 system or Steadicam trained, or if you already have Glidecam/Steadicam experience then its for you. Amazing value for drama, tvc, docos, short films, music videos, tv features etc.No need for a specialist operator if you or your dop has the experience.

This is  a superb system and the market leader for a reason.