Flash XDR – the “original” Nano from Convergent Design $115 p.day

The predecessor to the now famous Nano Flash recorder.

The Flash XDR records to EXACTLY the same CF cards and uses EXACTLY the same codec and runs EXACTLY the same firmware as the Nano Flash recorders, ie the Nano and XDR are completely interchangeable and will give you EXACTLY the same results.

We recommend the XDR for use on the Sony F3 as it gives extra weight and mass out the rear of the camera which greatly improves hand held functionality.

Hire price – you guessed it: EXACTLY the same as a Nano Flash, $115 with a camera or $150 without.

Where the 2 units differ:

SIZE – the XDR is bigger, about the same size as a V-lock camera battery (so still very portable)

CONNECTIVITY – the XDR has more options including:

3 pin XLR balanced audio inputs & 24 Bit recording

5 pin XLR balanced audio output

Timecode input via BNC

2 x HD-SDI monitor outputs

The XDR does not have a HDMI output.

XDR package includes 2 x V-lock batteries, charger, 15mm rail mount and weather cover.