Vect 4*60 K-Flo $60

Vect 4 tube  x 2 foot K-flo flouroescent soft light

$60 + gst. Includes NZ wide insurance.

  • 4 x 2′ Kino-Flo tubes
  • 4 x Daylight 5600K   (45w each)  Kino-Flo lamps
  • 4 x Tungsten 3200K  (40w each)  Kino-Flo lamps
  • Ballast: 2 foot/4 foot Switching
  • 1 x 10amp cable
  • 1 x light stand
  • individual lamp control
  • Removable lamp harness, reflector and louvre
  • Full Flozi diffuser

This would be the most popular lamp for doco’s and even drama in small spaces, for closeups, soft lighting and gentle fill light. Loads of output for its size and a very nice soft light source. If you could only have 1 lamp for your shoot..this is what you’d get.