Video Split Unit

Pansonic 17″ LCD monitor + Sony PMW-EX30 HD recorder + Custom trolley

$315.00 + gst     (Includes NZ wide insurance)

A superb functional video split unit with it’s own dedicated and custom built trolley. Designed by those ( Vid Split and 2nd AC)that use it daily on set to work seamlessly as a unit. Available with 130 or 190wh V-lock batteries to power the whole unit..yes, that’s right. You do not need to wait for LX to get power up and running. The unit will run for hours on 1 battery. It’s a huge time saver, but more importantly it’s a dedicated functional unit.

Kit Includes:

  • Panasonic 17″ HD-SDI monitor, with top/side sun shade
  • Sony PMW-EX30 HD solid state recorder
  • Dedicated trolley
  • 2 x 16G memory cards.
  • Dual D-tap/XLR power cable for both Monitor and EX30
  • 2 x 130wh V-lock batteries/charger
  • Selection of BNC cables
  • 240v power supplies for both units
  • Large rubber wheels for easy handling
  • Extra heavy base for more need for several sand bags to stabilise the vid’ split.
  • Mid shelf for directors notes
  • 2 x Large solid steel cable hooks on handle
  • Optional Extra:  250g + 320g usb Freecom hard drive kits .$30 each (ideal for Continuity rushes, each drive will hold days and days of footage, easily accessed footage by anyone via laptop..goodbye sifting through dv tapes to check on last weeks continuity..each set gives you 570G storage…at 25mbps HD video split recording , that gives you approx 41 hours of footage)