ICONIX – FULL HD MINI CAMERA + HD-SDI Recorder -from $230 p.day!

The Iconix is a world leading True/Full HD pov camera capable of recording into any HD recorder. Delivers real 1920×1080 images. We say true as it is real HD , not pseudo HD as in many consumer pov cameras that you can not grade and suffer terrible image problems with ( jello , aliasing etc). The Iconix is for pro’s who know and realise the value in real images that they can grade without image problems. Very popular on commercials and tv series as you can grade the footage to match your A-camera. But you wont jump off a cliff with this , it’s not for your youtube extreme sport selfies.

Iconix HD RH1 camera (TRUE  HD 1920×1080 POV camera)

  • $230 p.day + gst.  Includes NZ wide insurance.

+ Flash XDR Recorder ( XdcamHD codecs .mov + .mxf up to 220mbps)

  • $270 p.day + gst

+ NanoFlash  HD Recorder  ( XdcamHD codecs .mov + .mxf up to 220mbps)

  • $300 p.day + gst

+ Pix240 Recorder/ Monitor  (up to ProRes444 + DNxHD)

  • $350 p.day + gst



  • Note:  Iconix Camera requires a HD recorder + a monitor for set up
  • Camera head
  • CCU, Model #HD-RH1F  (1080p,1080i,720p-23.98,24,25,30p)
  • Lens:Fujinon 2.8mm , 4mm , 8mm C-mount type
  • Lens:Tamaha 1.5mm , T2.2.  C-mount type.
  • 2 X 95wh v-lock batteries / 2- bay battery charger
  • Power supply and power cable
  • 3  metre  cable
  • Manfrotto mount
  • 2 x Delkin Suction Cup mini camera mounts
  • Underwater housing: “BluFish 2 HD” (extra $100 p.day)

– Cable seal assembly
– 2 ports: standard & wide angle
– External F-stop control
– Dome port and flat port optic
– ¼” taps on a 360° Mount
– Fits Fujinon 2.8mm (TF2.8DA-8) & 4mm (TF4DA-8) C-mount lenses
– Pressure tested over 100m


Check our Monitor selection here: http://www.cameraworks.co.nz/category/rentals/monitors/

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Pix240 Recorder :   http://www.cameraworks.co.nz/sales/pix-240/

iconix-hd-rh1.pdf 2.7 MB January 26, 2011

Flash XDR Manual 1.5.92