Sony PMW-F5

News for 2014 (already!) New to the CW rentals inventory, The Sony F5, multiple codecs and the same amazing HFR rates as the F55. A beautiful camera in its own right and also the perfect budget friendly 2nd camera for the Sony F55, available early 2014!

$550 + gst

PMW-F5 Body:

  • PMW-F5 body
  • Sony LCD EVF ( Viewfinder)
  • Arri Broadcast Base Plate/ Arri Top Plate+Handle
  • 2x 15mm Rails
  • Sachtler Video18p tripod
  • 1 x 128GB + 2 x 64GB SxS Pro Cards  ( Total: 256GB)
  • 4 x Cinefuel 130wh V-lock Batteries
  • 2-Bay Simultaneous Battery charger
  • 4k or 2k OLPF available. ( Optical Low Pass Filter)
  • FZ, PL or Nikon mount

Note: 4K recording on the F5 is only available with the R5 recorder in  4K RAW. No Internal 4K option available.

Internal 4K XAVC Recording  is available in the F55.