Cineroid LM400-VCD Bi Colour : $50

Cineroid 3k-5.4k bi colour LED light

(Variable Colour/ Dimmable)

$50.oo + gst    (includes NZ Wide Insurance)

Compact, powerful 3k/5k LED light. This is a stunning wee lamp, powerful and bright well beyond it’s size. LED light gives you a powerful, compact solution  for doco’s, interviews, drama, tvc’s, films…….

But what really counts in this world of LED lighting? Not all LED’s are the same. These are high quality, true tungsten/daylight LED’s. NO green or magenta shift /pollution…and that’s worth a lot to your images.

This is new LED technology/design where Cineroid have managed to incorporate true Tungsten and Daylight  LED’s into a single panel, allowing you just by turning a knob to move from 3K to 5.4K and still have a high output of light. At 1700 LUX for such a small panel is not easy to achieve.

Is it what you need on your shoot?  Check HDwarrior’s  thoughts:


Kit Includes:

  • LM400 3K/5K Switchable  LED  Light  ( Dimmable)
  • 3100K to 5400k Adjustable (and anything in between—50% = 4400K)
  • 4-leaf barn doors
  • 240v Power supply
  • V-lock battery  power plate
  • Clear Screen protector
  • 2 x Diffusion Screen
  • Mounting Yoke
  • 1 x Medium Light Stand
  • 1 x 10amp Ext lead


Optional Extra: need power away from 240v supplies.

  • 2 x 95wh V-lock batteries + travel charger      $25.00


  • 3100k to 5400K adjustable
  • Dimmable
  • 1700 lux at 1m
  • 93CRI rating ( ie: near perfect colour rendition)
  • 24 x 16 chips — Each chip contains 3 x LED’s = 1152  LED’s