New Gear New Gear New Gear….

Full Follow Focus Kit




Just landed…

Oconnor CFF-1, complete dual wheel double sided production package, includes 2 x focus whips (not in picture).

Sony EX30 SxS HD-SDI video split recorder

O’conner 2065 Fluid head. The BEST head for serious drama and TVC use, 150mm bowl mount / Ronford tall + short legs.

35mm PL mount directors viewfinder “lens on a stick”, multiple ground glass options.

Zeiss 100mm Cp.2 prime lens T2.1, the latest addition to our existing set, just released by Zeiss this week!

Other new(ish) gear:

Arri MB20 matte box, includes top and side flags + a full set of 35mm flats, 19mm + 15mm rail mount – a perfect match for our production filter packages!

Another Small HD DP6 HD-SDI monitor, a highly versatile piece of kit which is always in demand.

What’s in store ahead… LOTS so stay tuned!