Terms and Conditions PDF – a must read for all rental clients!

Please read the terms and conditions so there is no misunderstanding.

Key points are:

  • You are responsible for the hired equipments security and well  being.
  • All equipment comes with NZ wide insurance as standard, no extra cost involved.
  • Insurance claims have a $1500 excess payable by the hirer
  • All prices listed are exclusive of GST (NZ goods and services tax)
  • Immediate payment unless otherwise organised
  • Read the attached PDF for the full details

Open/Download PDF:


In simple terms, we’ll hire you the equipment, you look after the equipment like your livelihood depends on it,
we’ll give you second to none service and support, you pay the bill on time and we’ll all be reasonable and use
common sense.
At the end of the day we want you to have the gear you need and a successful production. We like making films
and like people who make films so we’ll do our very best to assist you as much as possible.
But for absolute clarity please read the below terms and conditions:
The “COMPANY” means Camera Works Ltd (New Zealand)
The “HIRER” is the person/s or business hiring the equipment from the Company including any persons acting on behalf of or
under the instructions of the Hirer.
“PRODUCTION” is the film production or video production for which the equipment is hired.
“MEDIA” is any recording or storage device, including firmware, software and hardware.
“EXCESS” insurance excess payable by hirer is $1500.00
1. The commencement of hire from the COMPANY means the HIRER has accepted and agreed to all these Terms and Conditions
without qualification and will be bound by them for each and every hire.
2.1 The HIRER will not sublet, lease , assign , loan any of the hired equipment to any other person/s.
2.2 The HIRER will not remove the equipment from New Zealand without prior written consent of the COMPANY
2.3 The HIRER will not subject the equipment to any hazardous environment or situation that could effect or damage the
equipment.(ie: salt and water, atmospheric conditions, corrosive materials etc) and must take all reasonable care to ensure
2.4 The HIRER will make sure all equipment is used correctly and competently by persons with the necessary experience for
the type of equipment hired
2.5 The HIRER will not adjust, repair , modify or change the physical or technical specifications of the equipment except where
necessary for its normal and proper use.
2.6 The HIRER will take all reasonable care to ensure the security and safety of the equipment at all times and make sure it is
not subjected to risk of theft, damage or interference.
2.7 The HIRER will return all equipment to the COMPANY at the end of the agreed upon hire period in good working order
and in clean condition. The HIRER will also ensure the equipment is packed correctly and properly in its dedicated
cases.(For example this includes setting tripod heads to zero, lenses to their correct travel settings, glidecam springs set to
zero etc). The COMPANY reserves the right at their discretion to charge any fees / costs for the cleaning or sorting of any
equipment if required. This includes any materials used or labour costs incurred by the COMPANY, whether employees of
the COMPANY or any persons so authorised by the COMPANY. The COMPANY labour rate is charged at $60 per hour
plus GST.
2.8 Any loss of, damage to, or malfunction of the equipment must be reported to the COMPANY immediately or as soon as
reasonably possible by the HIRER. No repairs shall be undertaken without prior consultation with the COMPANY. Any
unauthorized repairs may void any insurance cover in which case the HIRER will be responsible for all costs incurred by the
COMPANY for repairs to the damaged equipment.
2.9 In the event of equipment needing repairs or malfunctioning the HIRER will allow the COMPANY to advise or organize
repairs/replacement of equipment at its discretion. Any loss whatsoever incurred by the HIRER in such an event is not the
responsibility or liability of the COMPANY.
2.10 It is the responsibility of the HIRER to ensure the equipment hired is functioning and suited for the purposes it is hired for.
The COMPANY is not responsible if the equipment hired is found to be unsuitable or inadequate for the purpose it is hired.
The COMPANY will not be liable for any loss, howsoever, to the HIRER due to the equipment hired being unsuitable or
inadequate for the purpose it is hired.
2.11 The COMPANY takes all care in ensuring all equipment is in good working order and that the kits are complete, however it
is the responsibility of the HIRER to ensure the equipment is working, complete and suitable for the purposes for which it is
3.1 All of the COMPANY equipment is insured according to our insurance policy. All claims (this includes loss or theft whilst
the hired equipment is in the HIRERS care) carry a $1500.00 excess for which the HIRER is responsible.
3.2 In the event of a claim being rejected by the COMPANY’S Insurer the HIRER is responsible for all costs incurred for
replacement or repair of the equipment. Excess on any claim will be billed directly to the HIRER and payment will be
required immediately.
3.3 If the cost to repair or replace any lost or damaged equipment is less than $1500.00 the HIRER will be invoiced directly and
payment will be required immediately.
3.4 The HIRER agrees to be interviewed by the COMPANY Insurer, Broker or anyone they employ to do so concerning any
insurance claim relating to the hire and hired equipment.
3.5 The COMPANY reserves the right to charge any damaged or lost or stolen equipment at its normal daily hire rate due to
‘loss of hires’, until the equipment is repaired or replaced and returned to the COMPANY’S premises and is available for
3.6 The COMPANY makes no warranties or representations concerning the equipment and the HIRER hires the equipment
relying on their own knowledge and opinion of the equipment. The COMPANY is not and will not be held liable for any
loss howsoever to the HIRER as a result of the equipment not being fit or failing to work for any use to which it is put to by
the HIRER. (This includes all Solid State Media, Recording Media of any sort such as hard drives & memory cards).
3.7 The COMPANY is not responsible or liable for any loss whatsoever from incorrect data management or media failure. (This
includes all hardware, firmware, software and storage media as part of or in any of the equipment).
3.8 It is the HIRERS responsibility to have appropriate insurance cover for the Production in the unlikely event of media,
firmware, hardware or software failure.
4.1 The HIRER agrees to pay to the COMPANY in full, the rental price at completion of rental period unless prior
arrangements have been made regarding credit. The COMPANY reserves the right to deny credit to any HIRER.
4.2 Application for credit does not mean it has been granted.
4.3 In the event the HIRER fails to pay in full, the rental price, by the due date the COMPANY retains the right to disclose to
any entity they choose, all details of the HIRER and the HIRERS debt for the purposes of collection. The HIRER is liable
for any cost/s incurred in collecting overdue payments due to the COMPANY.
4.4 The HIRER agrees the COMPANY may seek any credit information about the HIRER from any source the COMPANY
considers appropriate and the HIRER consents to the disclosure of any credit information about the HIRER to the
COMPANY from any source that is deemed appropriate.

5.1 A standard single day hire period is from midnight to midnight or part thereof.
5.2 A standard half day is 5 hours and will be charged at 70% of the daily rate.
5.3 The HIRER will be charged from the moment the equipment is picked up from the COMPANY to the time it is returned to
the COMPANY’S premises unless prior arrangement has been made for early pick up and late drop off.
5.4 The COMPANY when and if possible may allow early pick up by prior arrangement. Although we are flexible and
understanding of various filming schedules it is not always possible to enable early pick up or late drop off. If the HIRER
needs the equipment earlier than the filming day then we advise it be booked.
5.5 Travel days are charged at 60%.
5.6 Only 2 travel days are permitted per hire period. If the HIRER has multiple travel days in their schedule then please discuss
it with us.
6.1 The COMPANY will not disclose or share any information, addresses or contact information about the HIRER with any
other company except where appropriate and related to the hire or credit application or for the recovery of outstanding debt.
6.2 As part of the COMPANY’S ongoing commitment to service, the HIRER agrees to receive, from time to time, updates, news
and additional information from the COMPANY about any products or equipment the COMPANY deems maybe of interest
to the HIRER.
6.3 The HIRER agrees to their details being given to a 3rd party where it is appropriate and related to the hire. (IE: Manufacturer
or Dealer may supply directly technical information sought by the HIRER via the COMPANY)
7.1 At the discretion of the COMPANY a Call-Out fee of $80.00 may apply for any ‘after hours’ service and thereafter $50.00
for each additional consecutive hour on the same ‘call out’.
7.2 COMPANY hours of operation are 0800-1800, Monday to Friday, excluding all public and statutory holidays.
8.1 The COMPANY reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, charge a cancellation fee of 70% of the total hire price for the
cancellation of all or any confirmed bookings.
8.2 Cancellation of confirmed bookings less than 24 hours prior to the intended start of a confirmed hire will incur a 100%
cancellation fee.