Cameraworks is no longer the NZ Agent  for Glidecam , USA.

Fantastic , beautifully made quality products etc but we’ve decided to cease representing them as we change business direction. But we encourage you  to only buy Glidecam and stay well clear if cheap copies.

If you have bought a Glidecam from us in the past 12 months prior to 25th-May-2016 we will of course still assist with  any warranty claims. So do contact us.


If you have bought a Glidecam from another supplier or internationally and you need service or parts then email or call  Glidecam.Part orders are handled through the Glidecam parts department, which you can call at 800-600-2011 or 781-585-7900
between the hours of 9-4 PM EST.   You can also email Cheryl at .