Eye Direct / AutoCue

Eye Direct MKII

$115.00  p.day + gst   (includes NZ wide insurance)

The EyeDirect is a photographic device that guarantees eye contact from any subject, regardless of age or mood. With EyeDirects all over the world, producers are capturing eye contact from any camera-shy or difficult subjects who are uncomfortable in front of a lens. Users can guarantee a 10 month old baby, celebrity or camera-shy-teen will look directly into the camera, without undo stress. Real people will look too!

The EyeDirect Mark II is the professional’s tool to guarantee eye contact from any subject. Features include the 18″ adjustable balance base plate, accommodations for DSLRs to a camera the size of an Alexa with zoom, conversion to an AutoCue or TelePrompter with your iPad 2 (*App required) and versatility to put the interviewer on either side of the camera.


Kit Includes:

  • Eye Direct MKII Unit
  • Adjustable Mounting bracket system–suits ALL cameras. Arri Alexa  to Dslr’s etc
  • Manfrotto 577 Quick Release Adapter
  • Sachtler snap plate ( video 18/20p tripods)
  • DSLR Riser
  • Lens Rubber Donut
  • Hex Keys for adjustment
  • Hard Travel Case
  • Ipad Holder for AUTOCUE  use


Easy Set Up, Use anywhere, No Power required…..Simply remove the fold out mirror/unit…attach Ipad holder to the velcro strips, add Ipad, start up your PrompterPal App and away you go.

  • For Autocue an Ipad is required plus another IOS device to control the Autocue.
  • App’s for Ipad Autocue recommended by Eyedirect are PrompterPal ( Ipad only- $6.49 App Store) and Prompter Remote ( Iphone/Ipad- Free )
  • http://www.sunshinevalleysystems.com/home.html?http://www.sunshinevalleysystems.com/PrompterPal.html
  • Control Ipad Autocue from your Iphone…scroll speed, rewind, reset, speed control etc.
  • Upload pre-written script or type it directly into PrompterPal.
  • Adjustable Font sizes, speed, colour + many options.