What Batteries can I fly with?

As you may or may not be aware , there are strict international guidelines for carrying/transporting Li-ion batteries. This effects us  a lot in the film industry. However if you know the rules it’s easy to have enough battery power with you. We have never had any issues traveling with batteries on board airlines by staying within the Wh limits and being over zealous with safety, we tape over terminals and place individually in plastic bags. Customs/security to date have never been interested in the batteries when presented like this. The biggest problem is 6-8 x 95wh batts pushes the 7kg weight limit well over …but spread them around crew at check in.

A very brief summary:

Number of Li-Ion batteries allowed as carry on luggage for Air Travel:

  • 0-100wh                  —- Unlimited                        ( this suits the CineFuel 95Wh batteries)
  • 100-160wh             —- 2                                         (CineFuel 130Wh batteries)
  • 160wh +                 —– Nil, Zero, Zilch.              ( effects any battery 160wh or more.)



Air Transport and General Travel Advisory Regarding Air Travel with Lithium Ion Batteries


Guideline Summary of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations as of 1/1/09 – Commercial Air Travel

Lithium Ion Batteries less than 100Wh

You can safely carry on-board an unlimited amount of spare batteries, provided you take precautions by covering any exposed terminals with tape or put them in an insulated plastic bag.

Lithium Ion Batteries over 100Wh and less than 160Wh

You can safely carry on-board a maximum of two (2) spare batteries, taking safety precautions as noted above. You can carry on-board one (1) extra battery if it is physically installed or attached to a camera or other equipment.

Lithium Ion Batteries over 160Wh

Carry-on of any spare battery over 160Wh is not allowed under any circumstances. You cannot carry-on or check-in this size battery, even if it is attached or installed in a camera or equipment. To transport batteries over 160Wh, you have to ship it as separate cargo and classified as Class 9 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods.

Lithium Ion Batteries as Check-In Baggage

You cannot check-in any spare batteries as baggage regardless of the battery watt hour (Wh) rating. However, if the battery is less than 160Wh and is physically installed or attached to a camera or equipment, you can transport this as check-in baggage.