Ianebeam Redhead 800W ***SOLD***


Ianebeam Redhead 800w light

The original Redhead. Nothing comes close to the quality, robustness though many have tried to copy it.

Selling as excess to requirements. Fantastic general purpose light still used on film sets today.Bounced off  a ceiling for general ambience on a doco shoot, bounced off a poly board for gorgeous soft halogen light.

Email: david@cameraworks.co.nz



  • Cosmetic: 7/10
  • Function: 10/10   ie: Nothing faulty
  • Usual signs of use/wearing
  • Good condition
  • Works fully
  • Totally functional


  • Redhead 800w light
  • Barn doors
  • Wire scrim bulb protector
  • On/Off Switch inline with power cord