Arri Lite 2k ‘blonde’ ***SOLD***


Arri Lite 2kw tungsten light

Often referred to as a Blonde although the original “blonde” was the Ianebeam 2kw light. However not many survived and were replaced by the better Arri Lite. Fantastic powerful 2000w tungsten light. Great for bouncing to give ambient light in a bigger space or put through a silk or diff frame for bigger gorgeous soft halogen light source. Bigger is actually better for beauty lighting.



  • Cosmetic  6.5/10  ( because some heat paint peeling on barn door–does not effect performance)
  • Function 9.5/10
  • Good used condition
  • Signs of use and wear from std use


  • Arri Lite 2kw light
  • 2kw bulb
  • Barn Doors
  • Power cable with inline on/off switch